Orange Juice Popsicle – Cooking with Jonathan & Solomon – BeNY Brothers

Today we will show you how to make your own Popsicle out of Orange Juice. Jonathan and Solomon from will try accurately :-) explain how to make it.

1. What subject did the witch pass in school?

2. What has spots and rides on a fire truck?
A fireman with measles

3. Why were the refrigerator foods afraid?
The milk went bad and turned rotten

4. What kind of horse likes to be ridden at night?
A nightmare

5. What do Cobras study in college?

6. Why did the computer go to the chiropractor?
It had a slipped disc

7. Why did the annoying exterminator lose his job?
He bugged his boss

8. How do you fix a broken chimp?
With a monkey wrench

9. What’s the hardest thing about skydiving?
The ground

10. What do you give a snake with allergies?

11. Where does a cow eat?
At “calf “eteria

12. What do you get if you take a cow to see a scary movie?
A milkshake

13. What do you get if you cross a sheep with a kangaroo?
A wooley jumper

14. What do you get if you cross a parrot and a phone?
A walkie Talkie

15. What do Atilla the Hun, Winnie the Pooh and Billy the kid have in common?

16. What do you get if you stick a vampire outside in winter?
Frost Bite

17. What do you get if you hit a Canary with a lawnmower?
Shredded Tweet

18. What do you call a pig with a bad rash?
Pork scratchings

19. What do doctors give a pig with such a rash?

20. What do you call a sheep that has swallowed an electric cable?
Baaa-rbd Wire

21. What’s the difference between an actor and a baker?
An actor has roles, a baker has rolls.

22. Where do bees go on their day off?
The wax museum.

23. When is a fin not a fin?
When it’s a dol-phin.

24. Who does a dog quarterback throw to?
A labrador receiver.

25. What sea creature is always grumpy?
A crab.

26. Why did the book join the police?
So he could work undercover.

27. What is the most musical piece of a turkey?
The Drumstick.

28. Wha did the girl melon say when the boy melon proposed?
We’re too young, we cantaloupe.

29. What do windows bring when they go out in the sun?

30. Why were the refrigerator foods afraid?
The milk went bad and turned rotten.

31. Why couldn’t the glass fool anyone?
People could see right through him.

32. What subject did the witch pass in school?

33. What did the macaroni say to the tomato?
Don’t get saucy with me.

34. What gets colder as it get warmer?
An air conditioner.

35.How do really small people call each other?
On microphones.

36. What kind of guitars do whales play?
eel-lectric guitars.

37. What do whales spread on their toast?

38. What bird is always sad?
A bluebird.

39. When is a pillow like a mug of root beer?
When it has a head on it.

40. Why did the computer squeak?
Someone stepped on the mouse.

41. What do you call lending money to a bison?
A buffa-loan.

42. Why do rhinos have so many wrinkles?
Because they’re hard to iron.

43. What kind of phone does a turtle have?
A shell-ular phone.

44. How do pigs talk?
Swine language.

45. What did the snowman and his wife hang over their baby’s crib?
A snow mobile.

46. What do you give a snake with allergies?

47. What had two banks and no money?
A river.

48. What do you call someone who is crazy about hot chocolate?
A cocoa-nut.

49. Who eats at underwater restaurants?
scuba diners.

50. What mouse won’t eat cheese?
A computer mouse.

51. Why did Suzy throw butter out of the window?
She wanted to see a BUTTER-FLY. HAHA :D Hilarious :D My fave :D xsweetkendiix • about 2 years Ago

52. What do you call santa’s helpers?
Subordinate clauses!

53. What type of coffee does a cow drink?
A moo-chalatta!


55. What do you call cheese thats not yours?
Nacho cheese

56. What part of the computer was the elephant scared of?
The mouse.


58. What do say to a monster under your bed?
Get out of there.

59. What do you call a man who was hit in the face with a pie?

60.What do you Call a boy lying on your doorstep?


One Response to “Orange Juice Popsicle – Cooking with Jonathan & Solomon – BeNY Brothers”

  1. Alex Stal says:

    61. Whats invisible and smells like carrots?
    Rabbit farts

    62. What smells funny?
    A clown!

    63. What did the polar bear say when he saw an airplane?
    I’m sleepy.

    64. What did the lawyer name his daughter?